Bank Swift Code Bic

Bank Swift Code Bic Unique Identifier Code and Business Identifier code also known as Swift Code, Bic Code , Swift ID and Swift-Bic. It is use for banking Receive and Send(Transfer) money secure standardized and reliable environment to an World Wide Bank Wire Secure every Financial Institution(Bank) has an Particular Code .

How to Find Bank Swift Code Bic

Here is the Structure of Swift Code Bic.

The Swift Code Bic Consist Eight (8) or Eleven (11) Characters.


  1. AAAA             First 4 A letters (Bank Code).
  2. BB                   Second 2 B Letters (Country Code).
  3. CC                   Third 2 C Letters (Location Code).
  4. DD or XX       Fourth 2 D Letters or Digit (Branch Code).

Example of Swift Code Structure

Bank Swift Code Bic

Swift word Stand For (Society for Worldwide Inter bank Financial Telecommunication) Swift linked More than 10000 or above Financial institution in 209 countries. At this time international inter bank messages use the SWIFT network. SWIFT headquarters, designed by Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura are in La Hulpe, Belgium and Approved Form ISO 9362.